The selection and grant award procedure consists of three stages and includes a thorough
review of the proposed projects by a council of independent experts in the fields of law,
anti-corruption and the fight against organized crime and illegal trade.

PMI IMPACT is looking to fund the most promising and impactful project proposals. The
proposals are evaluated in terms of their quality, cost efficiency, impact, feasibility, and novel approach.

Stage 1

The first stage begins with due diligence checks of all submitted Expressions of Interest (EOIs) by PMI. For an overview and criteria of these checks, see the Application Terms and Funding Rules (pdf).

PMI shares the results of its due diligence checks with the Expert Council.

The Expert Council reviews the EOIs and selects the proposals that will pass to Stage 2 of the process.

EOIs that do not pass Stage 1 of the selection process are rejected and the applicants are informed accordingly.

Stage 2

Applicants who move to Stage 2 are invited by PMI IMPACT to submit their Full Proposals. For this, PMI IMPACT will provide the applicants with a Full Proposal form and its Annexes.

The submitted Full Proposals are then reviewed by PMI as a check to confirm that they are complete and in line with the formal requirements.

The Expert Council then reviews the Full Proposals. This involves an initial assessment of the projects by each expert individually, followed by an Expert Council meeting where the experts discuss collectively each project.

The Expert Council selects the projects for the award of grants by PMI based on consensus or its overall scores assigned to the projects.

Stage 3

Following final due diligence checks of the selected projects, PMI informs unsuccessful applicants that their applications have not been selected and invites successful ones to enter into grant agreements. PMI awards grants under grant agreements between PMI and successful applicants, and publishes the results of the grant award procedure on this website.

For a detailed description of the selection and grant award procedure, see the Expert Council and Grant Award Guidelines (pdf).