We are proud to present the 2019 PMI IMPACT Report, which provides an overview of the projects selected following the first and second funding rounds of our global initiative dedicated to fighting illegal trade and related crimes.

Since its launch in 2016, PMI IMPACT has funded projects that include research, awareness-raising, development of technical solutions, funding of equipment to help combat crime, training for law enforcement agencies, and communication initiatives to foster cross-sector and public–private collaboration.

To date, PMI IMPACT has allocated USD 48 million for the implementation of 60 projects in 30 countries.

PMI IMPACT is enabling a growing community of organizations implement concrete actions to combat illegal trade and have a positive impact on society. Only through effective collaboration will we be able to succeed.

More information about the launch of the next funding round will be available on the
PMI IMPACT website in the coming months.

Download the full PMI IMPACT Report 2019